• fp-steaks

    • The Original

      The Original

      Choice of White American or Provolone Cheese - Order Today!

    • The Wiz

      The Wiz

      The authentic colby and cheddar cheese sauce (yeah that's right, don't be scared!) - Order Today!

    • Pizza Steak Hoagie

      Pizza Steak Hoagie

      Loaded with mozzarella and house made marinara - Order Today!

    • Steak Hoagie

      Steak Hoagie

      Choice of white american or provolone cheese, dressed with lettuce, tomato, olive oil, and red wine vinegar - Order Today!

    • Steak Fries

      Steak Fries

      Full wiz wit on an extra-large order of fries - Order Today!

    • fp-chicks

    • Buffalo Chick Steak

      Buffalo Chick Steak

      100% breast meat, our house made wing sauce, blue cheese and American with option of ranch sauce - Order Today!

    • Chick Steak

      Chick Steak

      100% breast meat with your choice of cheese - Order Today!

    • Cajun Chick

      Cajun Chick

      Fresh never frozen chicken breast tenderloins, white american cheese and cajun seasoning - Order Today!

    • fp-subs

    • Italian Sub

      Italian Sub

      Sharp provolone, ham, mortadella, genoa salami, proscuit, fully dressed - Order Today!

    • Turkey Sub

      Turkey Sub

      Sharp provolone, 100% turkey breast, fully dressed - Order Today!