Our Masterpiece

So How Does It All Come Together?


It’s All About the Bread Baby!

We took great care in crafting what we view as the world’s best cheese steak. We always said the key to a good cheese steak is the right bread. The right bread is an Italian 12’ roll that is non-flaky and soft. Our bread is sourced from Philly as we found out it was the only way to truly represent this iconic sandwich.

The Steak

IMG_3449We spent an equal amount of time and energy contemplating how to get the best tasting beef. After testing over 22 different cuts of meats and several ways to prepare them, we decided that ordering the freshest cut steak was the only way would achieve our culinary masterpiece. Our sandwiches contain the highest quality, select whole muscle sirloin and fresh, never frozen Rib eye seasoned to perfection every time. No flank, skirt, or sub par meat here. Only the best, because you deserve it.

The Cheese

IMG_3480The original cheese steak from Philly is served with Provolone. Over the years Philly cheese steak shops have introduced American and, our personal favorite, Wiz. Most foodies, like ourselves, would turn their noses up at the idea of Wiz on a sandwich but trust us it is delicious. Wiz to New Orleans is like crawfish to any Yankee. You might not get it, but good luck trying to find something better, ya heard me?

The Toppers

peppersMany imposters around the country insist upon putting mushrooms and bell peppers on cheese steaks but we respectfully believe the only toppers meant for a cheese steak are onions. Our locally sourced farm fresh onions arrive daily and are diced and caramelized to perfection. To respect our very friendly competitor, the po’boy, we also offer a dressed option.

Signature Sauces & Sides

IMG_2299While we fancy ourselves cheese steak purists we also wanted to add a little touch of our own and let our foodie colors fly by introducing our signature sauces. We urge you to try one of our sauces which include a spicy (JJ), a garlic (Alisha), and a hot pepper (Moike).