What could be harder to make than cheesesteaks?

There’s always one part of their job that gets tedious as all hell. For Nate, the grillmaster, making a buffalo chicken sandwich was the item that took the most skill during a  grillmaster’s grind.

“I am not going to lie and I’m sure that other Liberty employees agree, cooking a buffalo chicken is way larger of a task than just cooking a cheesesteak. It is all the tearing the skin/tendon off (makes for a great forearm workout), waiting for the chicken to be cooked just right and cleaning off all the gooey, creamy buffalo sauce  from your grill and utensils that makes it so difficult.”

However, the payoff for this labor of love makes it quite worth it. Not only does the sandwich look delicious, but it’s also doused in our zesty buffalo sauce and ranch. I can also tell you that just about every customer who has taken the pleasure of eating a “Buff Chick” as it’s called in the Back of House, comes back and orders another. It’s hard to find food that is “photogenic” and tastes great at the same time. This is why I decided to get the word out.

      Get it with banana peppers, hot peppers, ranch, no ranch, blue cheese, whatever… We’ll be more than happy to perform the most tedious part of our job because we know you’re gonna love it!

Have you ever tried a “Buff Chick”? What is your favorite item at Liberty? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and/or pic below!