Introducing our New Harahan Location & the Family 4 Pack!!!

The Liberty Family is so excited to have opened our newest location in Harahan, the family side of town! Liberty Cheesesteaks is so honored and excited to join the Harahan family! We love all our college kids on Freret so much that we decided it was time to find out where they all come from! 

Liberty has something for everyone, well everyone with

 an appetite! Families and groups can save big especially the Philly Family 4 Pack. This amazing deal can satisfy your family’s needs and go easy on your wallet with savings of $20 all-day/every day!

So, stop cooking or grilling for the party and get a family meal on your way home! 

The Philly Family deal has finally come to Harahan! It is an affordable way that everyone in the family or group can get a cheesesteak. Plus, this is what all families have been waiting to find! Something easy, fast, and super tasty is what you want and Liberty provides without a question! Call ahead or order online here on our site by clicking the order tab from the top menu!

My crew is always happy to see you and makes sure you leave happy, full and satisfied. 

If you love Liberty and would like a chance to be featured in one of our blog posts, please email a pic of you and/or your friends/family at the restaurant or use the hashtag #savedbythelibertybell on one of your pictures.