Other Bar returns as… Another Bar!

One giant loss to the Liberty Cheesesteak crew resulting from the pandemic and a HUGE loss to Freret Street was “The Other Bar” and all our favorite water holes closing.

The relationship that the Liberty Crew and our Freret community had centered itself on this unassuming bar. When neighbors went to The Other Bar, they often ended up walking through our doors during the night, or vice-versa.

Other Bar was the spot to go on a break or after a shift. Always perfect for getting away from the hullaballoo of a restaurant. When they closed, there was no place to go to hang out or decompress.

Turn the page to April of 2021, and they’re back under the name “Another Bar.” Thankfully, they have most of the same staff as before. Not only is there a place next door to grab a beer, but Liberty now sees late-night pops in business again! There’s no better feeling than walking in and hearing a regular sitting at the bar say, “Hey man, I just got the Buffalo Chicken cheesesteak sandwich, that s*** was fire!”.

The reality of restaurants and bars opening back up again really hit the first night they were busy, and Another Bar being back open gave us reason to stay open until 11. Anyways, cheers to businesses being back open again and everyone staying safe!