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Bringing a True Cheesesteak to Freret Street

Grab a Cold Sub!

The Subs are here!! We are proud to announced that all supply lines are secure and we can put the cold sandwiches up.

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Philly Grown, NOLA Home

As our “Philly grown, NOLA home” slogan suggests, Liberty Cheesesteaks makes its home at 5031 Freret Street in New Orleans.

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Padron Peppers

Our padron peppers are always organic and sourced locally. Only the best for our Whiz heads. Order online for delivery today!

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11 AM-11 PM
11 AM-11 PM
11 AM-11 PM
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11 AM-1 AM
11 AM-1 AM
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Our Steaks

    • fp-steaks

    • The Original

      The Original

      Choice of White American or Provolone Cheese - Order Today!

    • The Wiz

      The Wiz

      The authentic colby and cheddar cheese sauce (yeah that's right, don't be scared!) - Order Today!

    • Pizza Steak Hoagie

      Pizza Steak Hoagie

      Loaded with mozzarella and house made marinara - Order Today!

    • Steak Hoagie

      Steak Hoagie

      Choice of white american or provolone cheese, dressed with lettuce, tomato, olive oil, and red wine vinegar - Order Today!

    • Steak Fries

      Steak Fries

      Full wiz wit on an extra-large order of fries - Order Today!

Our Chicks

    • fp-chicks

    • Buffalo Chick Steak

      Buffalo Chick Steak

      100% breast meat, our house made wing sauce, blue cheese and American with option of ranch sauce - Order Today!

    • Chick Steak

      Chick Steak

      100% breast meat with your choice of cheese - Order Today!

    • Cajun Chick

      Cajun Chick

      Fresh never frozen chicken breast tenderloins, white american cheese and cajun seasoning - Order Today!

Our Subs

    • fp-subs

    • Italian Sub

      Italian Sub

      Sharp provolone, ham, mortadella, genoa salami, proscuit, fully dressed - Order Today!

    • Turkey Sub

      Turkey Sub

      Sharp provolone, 100% turkey breast, fully dressed - Order Today!

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Our MasterpieceA little something about the steaks

We take great care in crafting the world’s best cheese steak. By combining the perfect bread, steak, cheese, and toppings, Liberty Cheesesteaks has brought the Philadelphia Cheesesteak to the heart of New Orleans!

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Meet the TeamA little something about who cooks the steaks

Our founders Mike and Joe have been best friends since they started Tulane together in 2001. They have supported each other through hurricanes, loss of jobs, and loss of loved ones. Over the 10 years their friendship has become a brotherhood. After graduation Mike began teaching in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, and Joe began his career in finance. Mike and Joe have always had the idea of opening a cheese steak restaurant in New Orleans as Mike was born and bred in Philly and Joe was “a happy fat kid at heart” and loved the cheese steak. While at Tulane they also quickly realized that the one thing missing from the New Orleans food experience was a proper cheese steak.