Juicy Skirt Steak: Your Guide to Buying the Best!

Looking to buy skirt steak? Look no further! In this guide, we will show you how to purchase the perfect skirt steak for your next culinary creation.

Whether you’re a grilling enthusiast or simply want to try a new recipe, knowing how to choose the right cut of skirt steak is essential. We’ll provide you with tips on where to buy skirt steak, what to look for when selecting it, and how to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible.

Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to buying the tastiest skirt steak!

how to buy skirt steak

Types of Skirt Steak: A Guide to Choosing the Right Cut

Skirt steak is a popular choice among meat lovers for its rich flavor and tender texture. Whether you’re grilling, pan-frying, or slow-cooking, skirt steak is versatile and delicious.

However, when it comes to choosing the right cut of skirt steak, there are a few different types to consider. In this guide, we’ll explore the various types of skirt steak and help you understand which one is best suited for your culinary needs.

1. Inside Skirt Steak

Inside skirt steak, also known as “beef plate,” is the most common type of skirt steak. It is taken from the inside part of the diaphragm muscle, which is located near the cow’s belly. This cut is long and thin, with a pronounced grain and a good amount of marbling.

Inside skirt steak is known for its robust beefy flavor and tenderness. It is ideal for grilling or pan-searing, as it cooks quickly and develops a delicious char. However, due to its popularity, inside skirt steak can be more expensive compared to other cuts.

2. Outside Skirt Steak

Outside skirt steak, also known as “outside plate,” is taken from the outer part of the diaphragm muscle. It is located behind the inside skirt steak and is longer and wider in shape. Outside skirt steak has a loose texture and a thick layer of fat on one side.

This cut is prized for its bold and beefy flavor. It is slightly less tender compared to inside skirt steak but makes up for it with its intense taste. Outside skirt steak is perfect for grilling or broiling at high heat to render the fat and achieve a crispy exterior.

3. Hanger Steak

While not technically a skirt steak, hanger steak is often included in the same category due to its similar characteristics and cooking methods. It is taken from the plate section of the cow, near the diaphragm. Hanger steak is tender and has a rich, beefy flavor.

When cooked properly, hanger steak is incredibly juicy and flavorful. It has a loose grain and is best cooked to medium-rare or medium to prevent it from becoming tough. Hanger steak can be grilled, pan-seared, or used in dishes like fajitas or stir-fries.

4. Bavette Steak

Bavette steak, also known as “flap meat” or “flank steak,” is a cut that comes from the abdominal muscles of the cow. While it is not exactly a skirt steak, bavette steak is similar in texture and flavor. It is long and flat, with a pronounced grain.

This cut is known for its deep, beefy flavor and tenderness. Bavette steak is often marinated to enhance its natural flavors and then grilled or pan-seared. It can also be used in dishes like tacos or sliced thin for sandwiches.

5. Fajita Meat

Fajita meat is typically a combination of various skirt steak cuts. It is thinly sliced and ideal for making flavorful fajitas, a popular Tex-Mex dish. Fajita meat is versatile and can be cooked quickly over high heat.

This cut is perfect for marinating, as it absorbs flavors well and becomes even more tender. Whether you’re grilling, stir-frying, or sautéing, fajita meat provides a delicious and satisfying meal.

When it comes to choosing the right cut of skirt steak, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and cooking method. Each type of skirt steak offers its own unique flavor profile and tenderness.

Whether you opt for the robustness of inside skirt steak, the intense flavor of outside skirt steak, the tenderness of hanger steak, the versatility of bavette steak, or the convenience of fajita meat, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of skirt steak, you can confidently choose the right cut for your next culinary adventure.

How to buy skirt steak

Where to Buy Skirt Steak: Finding the Best Sources

Skirt steak is a flavorful and versatile cut of beef that is perfect for grilling or searing. It is known for its long, thin shape and rich marbling, which gives it a delicious taste. If you’re looking to buy skirt steak for your next meal, it’s important to find the best sources that offer high-quality and fresh cuts.

In this section, we will explore different places where you can purchase skirt steak to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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1. Local Butcher Shops

One of the best places to buy skirt steak is your local butcher shop. Butchers are experts in their craft and can provide you with top-quality cuts of meat.

They often source their meat from local farms and suppliers, ensuring that you get fresh and ethically raised beef. By buying from a local butcher, you can also support small businesses in your community.

When visiting a butcher shop, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the origin of the skirt steak and how it was raised. Butchers are knowledgeable and can give you valuable information about the different cuts of meat they offer.

They can also provide recommendations on cooking methods and seasonings to enhance the flavor of your skirt steak.

2. Specialty Meat Markets

If you’re looking for a wider variety of skirt steak options, specialty meat markets are a great choice. These markets typically focus on providing high-quality and unique cuts of meat from different parts of the world.

They often carry specialty cuts like Argentine or Japanese skirt steak, which have their own distinct flavors.

Specialty meat markets may have a higher price point compared to regular grocery stores, but the quality and variety they offer make it worth it for many steak enthusiasts.

These markets also employ knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance on the different types of skirt steak available and suggest cooking techniques to bring out the best flavors.

3. Online Butcher Shops

In today’s digital age, buying skirt steak online has become increasingly popular. Online butcher shops offer convenience and a wide selection of cuts that can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Many online butchers specialize in high-quality, grass-fed, and organic beef, which appeals to health-conscious consumers.

When buying skirt steak online, read reviews and check the reputation of the butcher shop. Look for information about their sourcing practices and ensure that they prioritize quality and freshness.

It’s also essential to consider the shipping and handling process to ensure that your skirt steak arrives in optimal condition.

4. Local Farms and Farmers’ Markets

If you prefer to buy skirt steak directly from the source, consider visiting local farms or farmers’ markets in your area.

This gives you the opportunity to support sustainable farming practices while connecting with local producers. Many farmers raise their cattle in a humane and eco-friendly manner, resulting in high-quality meat.

Farmers’ markets are also an excellent place to find skirt steak that is freshly butchered and often more affordable compared to other sources. You can talk to the farmers themselves, ask about their farming methods, and even get cooking tips and recipes.

5. Supermarkets

Lastly, most supermarkets carry skirt steak in their meat section. While supermarkets may not offer the same level of quality and expertise as specialty shops or local farms, they are a convenient option for many people.

When buying skirt steak from a supermarket, look for well-marbled cuts with vibrant color and avoid those that appear dry or discolored.

It’s important to note that the quality of skirt steak can vary between supermarkets, so it’s a good idea to choose reputable chains or look for certified options. If possible, opt for organic or grass-fed skirt steak for a healthier and more flavorful choice.

Skirt Steak Price Comparison: Getting the Best Value for Your Money

If you’re a meat lover, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of skirt steak. Known for its rich flavor and tender texture, skirt steak is a popular choice for grilling and marinating.

However, finding the best value for your money when purchasing skirt steak can be a bit tricky. With varying prices and quality, it’s important to do a thorough price comparison to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

1. Local Butcher Shops

One of the first places to consider when comparing skirt steak prices is your local butcher shop. These small, independent shops often source their meat from local farms and offer high-quality cuts.

While the price may be slightly higher compared to other options, you can be assured of the freshness and the attention to detail that comes with shopping at a local butcher shop.

Local butcher shops also provide a personalized experience, where you can ask questions about the origin and quality of the skirt steak. They may even offer recommendations on the best cooking techniques to bring out the full potential of the meat.

Keep in mind that prices may vary between different butcher shops, so it’s worth visiting a few to compare.

2. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

If convenience is a priority for you, then your local supermarket or grocery store is likely to have skirt steak readily available. Supermarkets often offer a range of options, from budget-friendly to premium cuts. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the quality when purchasing from supermarkets.

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While supermarkets may offer competitive prices, they often source their meat from large-scale suppliers, which can affect the quality and taste of the skirt steak. It’s a good idea to look for well-known brands or inquire about the source of the meat to ensure that you’re getting a good value for your money.

3. Online Butcher Shops

In recent years, online butcher shops have gained popularity as a convenient way to purchase meat.

These online platforms usually offer a wide selection of cuts, including skirt steak, delivered right to your doorstep. Price-wise, online butcher shops can be competitive, and some even offer discounts for bulk orders.

When shopping for skirt steak online, it’s essential to read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the quality and taste. Look for reputable online butchers that prioritize sourcing their meat from trusted suppliers.

Keep in mind that additional shipping charges may apply, so factor that into the overall cost.

4. Local Farms or Farmers Markets

For those who are passionate about supporting local farmers and sustainable practices, purchasing skirt steak directly from local farms or farmers markets is a great option. These establishments often provide high-quality, ethically-raised meat at competitive prices.

By buying from local farms, you have the opportunity to learn about the farming practices and the animals’ living conditions.

This transparency can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a product that aligns with your values. Prices may vary depending on the farm and location, but the freshness and flavor are often worth the extra cost.

5. Membership Clubs or Wholesale Stores

If you have a membership to a warehouse store or a wholesale club, it’s worth checking out their skirt steak prices. These stores often offer bulk quantities at discounted prices, making them a cost-effective choice for those who enjoy grilling or hosting gatherings.

Keep in mind that purchasing in bulk means you’ll need adequate storage space, and it’s important to calculate the overall cost per pound to ensure that you’re getting the best value.

How to buy skirt steak 2

Tips for Buying Skirt Steak Online: Ensuring Freshness and Quality

In today’s digital age, buying groceries and food items online has become a convenient option for many people. From pantry staples to gourmet ingredients, everything is just a few clicks away.

However, when it comes to buying perishable items like skirt steak, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure that you receive a fresh and high-quality product.

In this section, we will discuss some useful tips for buying skirt steak online.

1. Choose a Reputable Online Retailer

When it comes to buying skirt steak online, it’s crucial to choose a reputable online retailer. Look for well-established vendors who specialize in selling high-quality meat products.

Read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of their reputation. A trusted retailer will have good feedback and positive testimonials from satisfied customers.

2. Check the Product Description and Labels

Before making a purchase, carefully read the product description and labels provided by the online retailer. Look for details about the cut, grade, and source of the skirt steak.

Ideally, you should opt for USDA Prime or Choice grade skirt steak, as it is known for its tenderness and flavor. Also, check if the steak has been aged for a certain period, as this enhances its taste and texture.

3. Consider the Packaging and Shipping Methods

Pay attention to the packaging and shipping methods used by the online retailer. Skirt steak is a delicate cut of meat that requires proper handling and refrigeration to maintain its freshness.

Ensure that the retailer uses insulated packaging and provides expedited shipping to minimize the time the steak spends in transit. Look for guarantees or warranties that protect the quality of the product during shipping.

4. Look for Information on Sourcing and Sustainability

If you prefer to buy skirt steak from sources that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, look for information on the online retailer’s website.

Some retailers may provide details about the farms or ranches they source their meat from, their animal welfare practices, and their commitment to sustainable farming methods. Supporting such retailers can give you peace of mind knowing that you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

5. Consider the Price and Value

While price shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, it’s essential to consider the price and value when buying skirt steak online.

Compare prices from different online retailers, taking into account the quality of the meat, the size of the steak, and any additional services provided, such as free shipping or discounts on bulk orders. Remember that paying a slightly higher price for a superior quality product is often worth it in terms of taste and overall satisfaction.

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6. Read Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Before finalizing your purchase, take the time to read customer reviews and recommendations. Real-life experiences shared by other buyers can give you valuable insights into the quality, taste, and overall satisfaction of the skirt steak offered by the online retailer.

Look for reviews that specifically mention freshness, tenderness, and flavor. This step can help you make an informed decision and choose a reputable retailer that consistently delivers top-notch skirt steak.

Exploring Unique Options for Purchasing Skirt Steak at Specialty Stores

Skirt steak is a popular cut of beef known for its rich flavor and tenderness. It is commonly used in a variety of dishes such as fajitas, stir-fries, and tacos. While skirt steak can be found at most grocery stores, there are specialty stores that offer unique options for purchasing this delectable cut.

In this section, we will delve into the world of specialty stores and explore the different avenues for acquiring skirt steak.

1. Artisan Butcher Shops

Artisan butcher shops are a haven for meat connoisseurs who appreciate high-quality cuts and personalized service. These specialty stores often source their skirt steak from local farms and ranches, ensuring the utmost freshness and exceptional taste.

The skilled butchers at these establishments can provide expert recommendations on the various cuts and cooking techniques, making it a worthwhile experience for any skirt steak enthusiast.

2. Online Meat Retailers

In this digital age, online meat retailers have gained popularity as a convenient and reliable option for purchasing skirt steak. These retailers offer a wide selection of cuts, including skirt steak, sourced from reputable suppliers.

With just a few clicks, customers can have fresh skirt steak delivered right to their doorstep, eliminating the need for a trip to the store. It is important to choose a trusted online retailer that guarantees quality and proper handling of the meat during shipping.

3. Ethnic Grocers

Exploring the aisles of ethnic grocers can lead to the discovery of unique skirt steak options. Many ethnic communities have their own traditional dishes that feature skirt steak as a key ingredient.

These specialty stores cater to specific culinary traditions and often carry cuts of skirt steak that might not be readily available in mainstream grocery stores. By visiting ethnic grocers, you can unearth new flavors and cooking styles that will elevate your skirt steak dishes.

4. Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are not only a great place to find fresh produce, but they also serve as a hub for local farmers and ranchers to showcase their meat products.

Skirt steak can often be found at these markets, providing customers with a direct connection to the source. By purchasing skirt steak from farmers markets, you can support local agriculture and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your meat comes from.

5. Gourmet Food Stores

Gourmet food stores are another excellent option for those seeking specialty skirt steak. These stores focus on providing unique and high-quality culinary products, including cuts of beef like skirt steak.

Gourmet food stores often curate their selection carefully, ensuring that they offer top-notch options for customers who appreciate premium ingredients. Exploring the shelves of a gourmet food store may lead to discovering new and exciting skirt steak brands or cuts that you haven’t tried before.


1. Where can I buy skirt steak?

You can buy skirt steak at your local grocery store, butcher shop, or online meat delivery services. Make sure to check the meat section or ask the store staff for assistance.

2. How should I choose a good quality skirt steak?

When choosing a skirt steak, look for one that has a bright red color, minimal marbling, and is firm to the touch. It should also have a fresh, meaty smell. If possible, opt for grass-fed or organic skirt steak for better flavor and quality.

3. What should I consider when buying skirt steak online?

When buying skirt steak online, consider the reputation and reliability of the website or vendor. Read customer reviews and check if they offer quality guarantees or return policies. Look for information about the sourcing and handling of the meat to ensure it meets your preferences.


In conclusion, buying skirt steak can be a delightful experience when you have the right knowledge and resources. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that you make the best purchase possible. Start by researching different suppliers and their reputation.

Look for quality cuts of skirt steak, preferably from grass-fed and hormone-free sources. Consider the aging process and opt for well-aged cuts for enhanced tenderness and flavor. Additionally, be mindful of the price and compare it with other suppliers to get the best value.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask your butcher for cooking tips and recipe suggestions to make the most of your skirt steak purchase. Enjoy!

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