What Pasta Goes With Steak?

If you’re wondering what pasta goes best with steak, look no further. One classic pairing that never disappoints is a rich and flavorful mushroom pasta. The earthy taste of mushrooms complements the succulent flavors of a juicy steak perfectly. Another great option is a creamy garlic Parmesan pasta, which adds a luxurious touch to your steak dinner. Whether you prefer a hearty meat sauce or a simple olive oil and herb toss, there are plenty of pasta choices to enhance your steak dining experience.

what pasta goes with steak

Delectable Pasta Options to Complement Your Savory Steak

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked steak, juicy and full of flavor. But what if you want to elevate your steak dining experience? Look no further than pairing it with a delicious pasta dish. The combination of a savory steak and a delectable pasta will create a truly unforgettable meal. Here are some pasta options that are sure to complement your savory steak:

1. Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo

Indulge in a classic pasta dish that is rich and creamy. Fettuccine Alfredo, with its velvety smooth sauce made from butter, cream, and Parmesan cheese, is the perfect accompaniment to a juicy steak. The delicate flavors of the pasta complement the robustness of the steak, creating a harmonious balance of taste.

2. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

For a simple yet satisfying pairing, try spaghetti aglio e olio. This traditional Italian dish features spaghetti tossed with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and parsley. The subtle flavors of the pasta allow the flavors of the steak to shine, while the garlic and red pepper add a hint of spice and depth to the overall dish.

3. Pappardelle with Mushroom Sauce

If you’re a fan of earthy flavors, pappardelle with mushroom sauce is the way to go. The wide and flat noodles capture the velvety mushroom sauce, creating a delightful combination of textures. The earthiness of the mushrooms complements the richness of the steak, resulting in a truly satisfying meal.

4. Penne alla Vodka

For a touch of elegance, try penne alla vodka. This pasta dish features penne pasta tossed in a creamy tomato sauce infused with vodka. The tanginess of the tomato sauce and the subtle kick from the vodka add a unique twist to the meal. Pair it with a perfectly cooked steak for a delightful dining experience.

5. Lemon Garlic Linguine

For a refreshing and citrusy twist, opt for lemon garlic linguine. The bright flavors of lemon and garlic complement the richness of the steak, providing a burst of freshness with every bite. The light and delicate linguine noodles allow the flavors to shine, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a lighter pasta option.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pasta to accompany your savory steak, the options are endless. Whether you prefer a creamy and indulgent dish or a light and refreshing option, there is a pasta out there that will enhance the flavors of your steak. So next time you’re enjoying a mouthwatering steak, don’t forget to pair it with a delectable pasta dish for a truly satisfying meal.

Exploring the Best Pasta Combinations for Steak Lovers

For steak lovers, finding the perfect pasta combination can enhance their dining experience to a whole new level. The rich and savory flavors of steak pair beautifully with a variety of pasta dishes, creating a delightful fusion of tastes and textures. In this section, we will explore some of the best pasta combinations that will satisfy the cravings of any steak aficionado.

1. Creamy Alfredo Pasta with Grilled Steak

There’s something incredibly comforting about a creamy alfredo pasta paired with a perfectly grilled steak. The velvety smoothness of the Alfredo sauce complements the tender meat, creating a mouthwatering combination. The richness of the sauce adds a luxurious touch to the dish, making it a favorite among steak enthusiasts.

To make this delectable pasta, start by cooking your pasta of choice according to package instructions. In a separate pan, grill your steak to your desired level of doneness. Once the steak is cooked, remove it from the pan and let it rest. In the same pan, melt butter and add minced garlic. Pour in heavy cream, grated Parmesan cheese, and a pinch of nutmeg. Stir until the sauce thickens, and then toss in the cooked pasta. Slice the grilled steak and place it on top of the pasta. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley and grated Parmesan cheese.

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2. Red Wine Bolognese with Tagliatelle

For those who appreciate the depth of flavors, a red wine bolognese sauce with tagliatelle is a winning combination. The robust flavors of the red wine and slow-cooked meat create a sauce that coats the pasta beautifully. This hearty dish is perfect for steak lovers who enjoy a more rustic and satisfying meal.

To prepare this flavorful pasta, start by browning ground beef in a large pot. Add diced onions, carrots, and celery to the pot and cook until they soften. Pour in red wine and let it simmer until it reduces slightly. Add tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, bay leaves, and a dash of dried oregano. Season with salt and pepper, and let the sauce simmer for at least an hour. Cook tagliatelle according to package instructions and toss it in the bolognese sauce. Serve with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese.

3. Pesto Pasta with Grilled Steak Strips

For a lighter and herbaceous option, a pesto pasta with grilled steak strips is a fantastic choice. The vibrant flavors of fresh basil, garlic, and pine nuts in the pesto sauce complement the smokiness of grilled steak. This combination is perfect for those who enjoy a burst of freshness in their pasta dishes.

To create this delightful pasta, start by blending fresh basil leaves, garlic cloves, pine nuts, grated Parmesan cheese, and olive oil in a food processor until a smooth paste forms. Cook your preferred pasta according to package instructions. In a separate pan, grill steak strips to your desired level of doneness. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and toss it with the pesto sauce. Add the grilled steak strips on top and garnish with toasted pine nuts and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

4. Lemon Garlic Butter Pasta with Filet Mignon

For a steak that is tender and buttery, pairing it with a lemon garlic butter pasta is a match made in heaven. The tanginess of the lemon and the richness of the garlic butter sauce elevate the flavors of the succulent filet mignon. This combination is perfect for those who enjoy a burst of freshness alongside the richness of their steak.

To make this mouthwatering pasta, start by cooking your pasta of choice according to package instructions. In a separate pan, melt butter and sauté minced garlic until fragrant. Add lemon zest and juice, and a pinch of red pepper flakes for a subtle kick. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Grill filet mignon to your desired level of doneness and let it rest. Toss the cooked pasta in the garlic butter sauce and serve with slices of filet mignon on top. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley.

In summary, the combination of steak and pasta opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From creamy alfredo to red wine bolognese, pesto to lemon garlic butter, there are endless combinations to explore. Each pairing offers a unique blend of flavors that complement the richness and tenderness of the steak. So next time you crave a delightful pasta dish, consider one of these tantalizing options to satisfy your steak-loving palate.

Elevate Your Steak Meal with These Irresistible Pasta Choices

When it comes to a delicious and satisfying meal, steak is often a top choice. The juicy and tender meat pairs perfectly with a variety of flavors and side dishes. While a classic side option is a baked potato or a fresh salad, why not take your steak meal to the next level by adding a mouthwatering pasta dish to the mix? In this section, we will explore some irresistible pasta choices that will elevate your steak meal and satisfy your taste buds.

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1. Creamy Garlic Parmesan Pasta

If you’re a fan of creamy and flavorful pasta dishes, this creamy garlic parmesan pasta is a must-try. The rich and velvety sauce made with garlic, butter, cream, and parmesan cheese creates a luxurious coating for al dente pasta. The combination of the creamy pasta and juicy steak creates a harmonious balance of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

2. Spicy Cajun Pasta

If you’re looking to add a kick to your steak meal, a spicy Cajun pasta is the way to go. This pasta dish is packed with bold and fiery flavors, thanks to a blend of Cajun spices, bell peppers, onions, andouille sausage, and a touch of cream. The spiciness of the pasta complements the richness of the steak, creating a tantalizing combination that will excite your taste buds.

3. Mushroom and Gorgonzola Pasta

For those who enjoy earthy and savory flavors, a mushroom and gorgonzola pasta is a perfect choice. The combination of sautéed mushrooms, creamy gorgonzola cheese, and fresh herbs creates a decadent pasta dish that pairs wonderfully with a succulent steak. The umami flavors of the mushrooms enhance the richness of the steak, making every bite a delight.

4. Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

If you’re looking to add some seafood to your steak meal, a lemon garlic shrimp pasta is a fantastic option. The bright and tangy flavors of the lemon and garlic perfectly complement the juicy steak, while the succulent shrimp adds a delightful texture to the dish. This combination of surf and turf will take your steak meal to new heights.

5. Pesto Pasta

For a refreshing and vibrant pasta option, a pesto pasta is a fantastic choice. The aromatic flavors of basil, garlic, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese create a delicious sauce that coats the pasta beautifully. This fresh and herbaceous pasta pairs wonderfully with a perfectly cooked steak, creating a well-balanced and satisfying meal.

In summary, adding a delicious pasta dish to your steak meal can elevate the overall dining experience. Whether you prefer a creamy garlic parmesan pasta, a spicy Cajun pasta, a mushroom and gorgonzola pasta, a lemon garlic shrimp pasta, or a pesto pasta, each option offers unique flavors that complement the juicy steak. So next time you’re enjoying a steak, don’t forget to indulge in one of these irresistible pasta choices.

Unforgettable Steak and Pasta Combinations You Need to Try

There’s something undeniably satisfying about the combination of tender, juicy steak and hearty pasta. Whether you’re a meat lover or a pasta enthusiast, these unforgettable steak and pasta combinations are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From classic Italian flavors to bold and innovative pairings, these dishes offer a perfect harmony of flavors and textures. Get ready to indulge in a culinary experience like no other!

1. Filet Mignon with Truffle Pasta

Indulge in a luxurious dining experience with a perfectly cooked filet mignon paired with truffle pasta. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon is complemented by the earthy and aromatic truffle flavors in the pasta. The richness of the steak perfectly balances out the delicate flavors of the truffle. This combination is a true showcase of elegance and sophistication.

2. Ribeye with Garlic Parmesan Linguine

For a mouthwatering combination that brings together the robust flavors of ribeye steak and the creamy goodness of garlic Parmesan linguine, look no further. The juicy ribeye steak, with its marbling and intense flavor, pairs beautifully with the garlicky, cheesy linguine. The savory umami notes from the steak perfectly marry with the creamy sauce, creating a truly delightful dish.

3. T-bone Steak with Wild Mushroom Ravioli

Take your taste buds on a wild ride with the combination of a juicy T-bone steak and rich, earthy mushroom ravioli. The succulent T-bone steak, with its tenderloin and strip steak sections, is a meat lover’s dream. When paired with the earthy and savory flavors of the wild mushroom ravioli, it creates a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. This combination is sure to leave a lasting impression.

4. Sirloin Steak with Pesto Penne

Get a taste of Italy with the combination of a delicious sirloin steak and pesto penne. The tender and flavorful sirloin steak is enhanced by the vibrant and herbaceous flavors of the pesto sauce. When tossed with al dente penne pasta, this combination creates a delightful harmony of textures and flavors. It’s a simple yet satisfying dish that will transport you to the streets of Italy.

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5. New York Strip Steak with Balsamic Glazed Fettuccine

Indulge in the bold flavors of a New York strip steak paired with tangy and sweet balsamic glazed fettuccine. The New York strip steak, known for its rich marbling and robust flavor, is a perfect match for the sweet and tangy balsamic glaze. When combined with the silky fettuccine, this dish offers a delectable contrast of textures and a burst of flavors.

6. Porterhouse Steak with Creamy Cajun Linguine

If you’re craving a combination that brings together the best of both worlds – a tender filet mignon and a flavorful strip steak – look no further than the porterhouse steak. Pair it with creamy Cajun linguine for a delightful twist. The creamy pasta with a hint of Cajun spice perfectly complements the juicy and succulent porterhouse steak. This combination is a true celebration of flavors.

7. Flank Steak with Asian-inspired Udon Noodles

Transport your taste buds to the exotic flavors of Asia with a pairing of tender flank steak and flavorful udon noodles. The flank steak, when marinated in a delicious Asian-inspired sauce, becomes incredibly tender and flavorful. Paired with the chewy udon noodles and a medley of vegetables, this dish offers a perfect fusion of textures and flavors.

8. Skirt Steak with Spicy Arrabbiata Linguine

For those who love a little heat, the combination of skirt steak and spicy arrabbiata linguine is a match made in culinary heaven. The skirt steak, with its intense beefy flavor, pairs wonderfully with the fiery and bold flavors of the arrabbiata sauce. When tossed with al dente linguine, this dish offers a fiery burst of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

In summary, these unforgettable steak and pasta combinations offer a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. Whether you prefer classic pairings or more adventurous combinations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So why wait? Treat yourself to a memorable dining experience with these mouthwatering dishes!


1. What type of pasta pairs well with steak?

For steak, it is recommended to pair it with pasta that has a robust flavor and a firm texture. Some great options include fettuccine, linguine, or penne pasta. These types of pasta can hold up well to the rich flavors of steak and complement it nicely.

2. Can I serve spaghetti with steak?

While spaghetti is a popular pasta choice, it may not be the best option to serve with steak. Spaghetti tends to have a lighter and more delicate flavor, which may not match well with the boldness of steak. It’s better to choose a pasta with a firmer texture and stronger flavor profile.

3. What pasta sauce goes well with steak?

When serving steak with pasta, it’s best to opt for a rich and flavorful sauce that complements the meat. Some delicious options include a creamy mushroom sauce, a red wine reduction, or a classic peppercorn sauce. These sauces add an extra layer of taste to the dish and enhance the flavors of the steak.


In conclusion, when it comes to pairing pasta with steak, there are a few options that complement each other perfectly. One popular choice is a hearty pasta like fettuccine or pappardelle, which can stand up to the richness of the steak. The wide ribbons of pasta provide a satisfying bite and help to soak up any delicious sauce or juices from the steak. Another excellent option is to go for a lighter pasta, such as angel hair or spaghetti, tossed with a simple garlic and olive oil sauce. This combination allows the flavors of the steak to shine through while adding a touch of elegance to the dish.

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